“To sleep: perchance to dream…”

Dear my wonderfully persistent and patient (!!!) readers,…

First off, an apology. I haven’t written in a while. A long, long while. So, I’m sorry, truly I am – between studying and exams and trying to grapple with freedom, I’ve lost sight of what I love doing – writing this blog. So hi. I’m back!

So, a couple of weeks ago, at about 0300am GMT+1, I was wide awake and, truth be told, a little lonely, so I decided to write a little something down in my writing book (Keep Calm and Carry On Writing!), about daydreams. I don’t know about you, but daydreams plague my every waking moment. I let my imagination run wild, inventing all sorts of weird and wonderful scenarios that I wish could become true, and sometimes scenarios that I definitely don’t. To celebrate my return to this dear blog of mine, I thought that I would share that with you…

Daydreams, for a while now, have captured my every waking moment. They cloud my vision, replacing reality with a magnificent scenario that my heart longs for. Strives for, and hopes hard for. Daydreams flood your heart with warmth and a sort of strangling feeling which feels like the greatest thing in the world. It changes your view of the world for a few minutes, a few precious minutes which make you smile, maybe even laugh, and become embedded in your memory for the rest of your time on this glorious and terrifying earth we call our home.

And I love that feeling. For a while. Let’s talk about that while:

Sometimes daydreams, my daydreams anyway, consist of dancing. Dancing, and smiling, and laughing. And being absorbed in a pair of eyes so deep and intellectual and textured and wonderful. I imagine the moves, the sway, the music.

I am immersed.

Sometimes, my daydreams consist of silence. Dreamy silence in which the touch of a human being is enough. Tingles travel the spine, the vision understanding what you want, how you feel, what your eyes betray when you look around you, what your heartbeat deals with every second of the day. It just… is. Words are not enough to convey what is.

But the mist soon descends. Yes, your heart continues to deal that beat, your eyes still hold the universe within them, but life continues and you are plunged into a reality that, let’s be honest, whatever the daydream is, stings.

But if it’s strong enough, it lingers. It remains in you. You smile about it, to yourself. Maybe you’ll even talk about it someday in the future. You never know. Daydreams sustain us. They sustain our creative, our inspiration, our lives. Without them, where would we be heading?

Here’s to writing more over the coming months! In fact, I already have something in the pipeline…

Credit to http://paper-mania.tumblr.com/image/131701782881 for the featured image!

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3 Responses to “To sleep: perchance to dream…”

  1. Anon says:

    You’re an incredible writer. I love reading your blog!

  2. M Adler says:

    Reading these words again they engulfed me with their profundity. They brought back the dreams of my youth … I love you. Your AMA

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