We all know the name Selfridge. Most of us attribute it to the marvellous store, Selfridges (& Co.) on Oxford Street, others to the brilliant ITV Drama ‘Mr Selfridge’, some even to the man himself. In short, we all know the name Selfridge.

Recently I revisited Selfridges and, being a huge fan of the ITV Drama, was surprised as to how much it has changed (the show’s depiction of the store is extremely accurate- and beautiful). The window displays were no longer the carefully and delicately put together pictures they were when the store first opened, but what seemed to be a quickly constructed and coloured theme which ran throughout every window. Yes, the original, magnificent doors remain, the exquisite architecture of the building has not been touched, but the inside was… Strange to me. Anyone who steps through those doors who knows a part of the history of Selfridges realises that it has changed rather a lot from the time of Mr Harry Gordon Selfridge. Inside, all that truly remained of the store was the fact that the cosmetic counters grace the front, as Mr Selfridge intended. Of course modernisation and the movement of the world must be taken into account, but I was taken aback by just how changed it was.

Selfridges is, as it was then, a marvel, a jewel in Oxford Street’s crown, a historical beauty on the outside and a king of commerce on the inside. Despite the drastic changes, I am positive that Mr Selfridge himself would have been proud.

Catch Mr Selfridge online, on Netflix or Series 4 (hopefully!) next year on ITV. Oh, and do visit the store!


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