Gathering Up the Past.

Recently, as per tradition, I have been preparing, along with my peers, for Graduation Day, otherwise known as Muck Up Day, the last day for Year 11s before they go off and take their GCSEs. We’ve been gathering up the past, in photographs, videos, pieces of work, allowing us to see that drastic change which has occurred in every one of us. Of course, it’s been filled with shocks, laughs and sometimes tears, but seeing how far everyone has come since we all met on that Introduction Day in July 2010 has made me, and I’m sure others, realise just how wonderful the last four years have been.

On a personal level, it’s been tough, really tough. I’ve struggled with my peers, my health and so much more, but I’m now at a point where I wouldn’t trade my friends, my year group, for anything; I wouldn’t swap the last four years for a lifetime contract with Bloomsbury Publishers (tempting, but no!), because we have all helped each other so much, aided who we’ve all become, that I couldn’t possibly alter it.

Therefore, I have to commit my deepest gratitude to my year group- to the people who have supported me, laughed with me, cried with me and been there for me when all else seemed gone. I cannot express how dearly I love them and how proud I am of every single one of us, of how far we have travelled along this twisting, devious road.

A long road lies ahead. And I am so glad we will face it together.


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