Hello all. I’m afraid it’s been quite a while since I last posted; I’ve had Depression’s Brilliance, Part 2 in the works for while, but I hope it’ll be ready soon, or as soon as I have a chance to breath (!).

Despite this, I thought I’d start off the second or so week of January 2015 (!!) with a short thought.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  – William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Today, I was discussing with some of my peers the subject of names, as one of my teachers, who has known me for four years, still is unable to get my name right. She calls me ‘Nessaya’ rather than Nessya; another of my teachers pronouncing it distinctly as ‘Nezzeya’, and he’s known me even longer! So, as a result (and to quench the flames of my vague anger in the face of years of wrong pronunciation) I embarked on a conversation with my friends as to what other names would be easier for people to pronounce, and suit accordingly. Dare I say it, the deliberations presented more than I expected.

Names, it turns out, are key in society and the history of the world. Even in the Bible, we know the dreamer as Joseph, the leader as Moses and the Creator as God; could we imagine it any other way? In many ways a name speaks so much about the person who owns said name: their background, their family history, even their personality, and when someone has the chance to choose their own name, it really is quite the challenge.

After going through quite a few names (Sam, Hermione, Anna, Autumn, Jane – I quite like that one! – Robin…), I decided that, in fact, I didn’t really want to change my name at all. It means so much to me… it describes my personality to the letter, a unique name manufactured from my parents’ thinking, which tells of my background and is a pleasure to sign when I finish writing a letter. I decided that no, I would just have to teach my teachers (oh, the irony!) how to pronounce my name, that the change would be too drastic. Too… changing.

Therefore, on that note, I would just like to finish this entry in the following fashion:

Yours truly,



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