Depression’s Brilliance, Part 1.

Today I was reading The Times Newspaper’s Magazine, and I came across this, which was written by Caitlin Moran as the 8th thing that every teenage girl should remember:

“And if your mind tears, do not fear that, either. Depression takes off a layer of skin, so accept that you feel more of the world than most people. Did you hear what I said? YOU FEEL MORE OF THE WORLD THAN MOST PEOPLE. That’s amazing. And anxiety works like electric in your bones- it keeps you wakeful and driven, so use those extra hours, those extra, sleepless days, that your poisoned adrenaline is giving you. You are living longer. You live double time. Insist that that’s a blessing. Fake that until you make that, too.” – Caitlin Moran.

This struck me really hard, and I thought I’d share it with you. I have another post lined up on this topic, so I do hope you’ll hear from me soon! Although, probably after the next two weeks, as my mocks are really taking up much of my time.

See you soon!


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