Roland Garros (What?)

This is amazing… would definitely give this blog a read!

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For those of you who don’t watch tennis or dislike sport or don’t know French, Roland Garros, otherwise known as the French Open, culminated today with Spanish Rafael Nadal, who is a member of the elite club of players who have won all four grand slam titles, winning his fifteenth title, his ninth Roland Garros trophy, his fifth win on Paris’s red clay in five years. The world number one has come a long way from the fifteen year old boy who, ranked world number 762, won his first ATP match in April 2002.

Personally, I’m not a very sporty person. That role belongs to my sister, who has chosen to do PE as one of her GCSEs. Now, I like to think my general knowledge is good. But ask her a question about sport, and she will put you to shame. Her memory of players and rules and games and sports…

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  1. rosebird01 says:

    Thank you so much – so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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