All Literature has the Right to be Studied.

I have just been made aware of the changes to the GCSE English Literature syllabus in England. I think it’s shocking.

Read the article for yourself: .

Frankly, American Literature, in fact, ALL literature is as important as British Literature, and students have the right to study great novels such as those mentioned in the article. It is pure ignorance of great literature; novels such as ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘Of Mice and Men’ have distinct and important places in literature’s heart, and to have no chance of studying them is a great and unexplainable shame. Both novels, and many American plays and novels, always have a welcoming space on my bookshelf, and to tear them away and exclude them from the study of Literature is something that I find unfathomable.

So read them, study them, make an attempt to understand them in literary depth as well as allowing them to make an impression on you. Defy Michael Gove’s actions, and show that all literature, American or British or any other, has the right to be studied. 


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One Response to All Literature has the Right to be Studied.

  1. I never read To Kill A Mockingbird myself, but judging by the uproar its removal from the GCSE syllabus has generated, it seems that it made a considerable impact on many people who studied it when they were at school. I am finding it quite inspiring to see so many people rallying behind a work of literature in this way!

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