It’s a Jolly Holiday with Mary..

Hello all! Unfortunately my lovely sickness turned out to be my appendix, so I’ve had to have it removed, which is painful. However, I spent my time in hospital reminiscing over fond memories of my favourite childhood heroine: Mary Poppins from Walt Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins’ (1964).

As I’m sure many of you know, ‘Mary Poppins’ was written by P.L Travers, an Australian-British novelist, originally named ‘Helen Lyndoff Goff’. She started writing her short stories of the escapades of the mysterious and magical nanny ‘Mary Poppins’ in 1933, and it instantly became a success worldwide. Soon enough, in 1934, Roy Disney contacted her whilst she was working for the British Ministry of Information during the Second World War in New York, looking to gain the rights to the story. However, Mrs Travers was reluctant to transport her beloved ‘Mary Poppins’ onto the screen, and it took Walt Disney over 20 years to secure them.

Of course, Disney’s production in 1964 is the one we all know and have seen. The pure genius of the Sherman Brothers’ score is mind-blowing, numbers such as ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’, ‘Chim Chim Cher-ee’ and ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ being known by one and all. One of my personal favourites is ‘Feed the Birds’ simply because of its beautiful lyrics:

“Although you can’t see it, you know they are smiling, each time someone shows that he cares.”

-Mary Poppins, ‘Feed the Birds’

Another favourite is the combination of ‘Sister Suffragette’ and ‘The Life I Lead’ in the space of ten minutes. It really depicts the feeling of the time: men felt in control,

“King Edward’s on the throne, it’s the age of men!”

-Mr George Banks, ‘The Life I Lead’

and women felt the tensions rise as the extent of the restriction in their lives became apparent.

“Political equality, and equal rights with men… No more the meek and mild subservient we. We’re fighting for our rights militantly, never you fear!”

-Mrs Winifred Banks, ‘Sister Suffragette’

I find the words so inspiring, and the fact that the messages are conveyed to often such young audiences makes it all the more brilliant.

With her proud strap-line of ‘practically perfect in every way’, ‘Mary Poppins’ has genuinely been an affective character in my life, her countless adventures with the Banks children and her magnificent melodies which ring ever so true sparking my imagination and leading it into the depths of untainted fantasy. I do not want to write too much of her, however, as I am positive that I will write an entry speaking of her many fine attributes as a fictional character in the near future.

So, all I can say is, do go and watch it!, and be inspired by the timeless music and story which has brought up generations and will do for generations to come.


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